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    Whether your own or someone else’s writing, alex helps you find gender favouring, polarising, race related, religion inconsiderate, or other unequal phrasing.

    For example, when We’ve confirmed his identity is given to alex, it will warn and suggest using their instead of his.

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    1. To get better at considerate writing;
    2. Catches many possible offenses;
    3. Suggests helpful alternatives;
    4. Reads plain-text and markdown as input;
    5. Stylish.

    Command Line

    screen shot

    Install using npm (with Node.js):

    $ npm install alex --global

    Let’s say looks as follows:

    The boogeyman wrote all changes to the **master server**. Thus, the slaves
    were read-only copies of master. But not to worry, he was a cripple.

    Then, run alex on

       1:5-1:14  warning  `boogeyman` may be insensitive, use `boogey` instead                       boogeyman-boogeywoman
      1:42-1:48  warning  `master` / `slaves` may be insensitive, use `primary` / `replica` instead  master-slave
      2:52-2:54  warning  `he` may be insensitive, use `they`, `it` instead                          he-she
      2:61-2:68  warning  `cripple` may be insensitive, use `person with a limp` instead             cripple
    ⚠ 4 warnings

    See alex --help for more information.


    screen cast


    Alex is open source software and accepts requests from the community. Suggestions, feature requests, and issues are more than welcome.

    Requests can be submitted on GitHub Issues. Try it, contributing to open source—helping others out—is great. You can also tweet to me or send me an e-mail.

    Even small requests, such as a single word, are greatly appreciated!

    Importance of Equality (in Technology)

    Get Better at Considerate Writing